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9th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep Alleycat

We’re excited to be back as a sponsor of the Supermarket Street Sweep, an awesome alleycat that’s been happening up in San Francisco since 2006.

Last year, the event contributed over 10,000lbs of food and over $14,000 to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks.

This year’s edition is going down Saturday, December 6th at high noon so there’s still plenty of time to plan a road trip to SF to get your alleycat on. And with all the great sponsors they’ve lined up, the odds have to be pretty decent that you’ll snag some goodies.

Be sure to visit their site for all the details and updates.

Supermarket Street Sweep Alleycat




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Father’s Day Sale!

let’s celebrate those fellas that generously donated half your deoxyribonucleic acid!  and some of them were even up to the task of teaching you how to ride a bicycle.  how ’bout you treat that swell guy to some sweet swrve schwag.  or yourself, even if you’re not a dad, we won’t tell.

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