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we now offer DHL Express shipping on our online store. yes!

  • get much better rates
  • includes step-by-step tracking information
  • delivery anywhere in the wold in 4 business days or less

to see rates, simply add the items you want, go to checkout, and DHL rates as well as all other options will be shown.


The Second Loving, A Valentine’s Day Alleycat

Hey Florida friends! Dust off your tandems and cancel those overpriced dinner reservations.

Gainesville’s Pleasant Cyclery is throwing a couple’s alleycat this Valentine’s Day. Proceeds will benefit Freewheel Cycling, a local non-profit focused on advocating and facilitating cycling education, accessibility, and infrastructure in North Central Florida.

We’re excited to be kicking down some goodies for the event along with a bunch of other great sponsors.

Second Loving AlleycatTandems or a significant other aren’t required but at the very least you’ll need a bike and a partner, a buddy, a colleague, etc. If you have neither, we’re sure Pleasant Cyclery could get you hooked up with a fresh set of wheels and who knows, maybe you meet a new flame or bestie at the start line.


topo totes now available!



contest winners!!!

a big thank you for everyone who entered our #swrve14winter Instagram photo contest!!!
it was great to see all the great photos though very difficult to pick winners, but here they are, in no particular order:


all the way from the Netherlands, @mauritslc skating with great form on a frozen lake

#swrve14winter mauritslc

@krystofandres riding in the Sierras, beautiful shot!

#swrve14winter krysofandres


@leland_instalam making the most of the   s t r e t c h   of our mid-weight trousers. work it!

#swrve14winter leland_instalam


nice job @johntlange! what a beautiful mountain top you conquered!

#swrve14winter johntlange

@ajs4 knows how to Photoshop a winning entry
#swrve14winter ajs4

thank you again everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to the winners!


Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Race – Decemeber 6th

Escape the cold (or get a change of scenery) by heading down to Jacksonville, Florida for Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Race & Party. It goes down Saturday, December 6th.

You can see all the details about the race right here. Even if you’re not, racing be sure to peep the check boxes on the registration form for a nice little chuckle.

And while you’re on their site, check out their range of top shelf products made right here in the US. They’re a good crew at Burro Bags and we’re happy to help sponsor their race.

Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Flyer

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