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Help support equality for all commuters

Did you know that under current regulations, people who drive to work get nearly double the parking benefit as those who commute via public transit or bicycle?

If you commute by bike or public transit, and there’s a good chance you probably do if you’re reading this, there are some bills that are currently being considered by congress that would establish equal benefits for all forms of transit.


The League of American Bicyclists provided a nice breakdown of what’s currently being considered.

HR 2288: The Commuter Parity Act would permanently fix these issues, by making both the transit pre-tax benefit and the parking pre-tax benefit $220 a month. HR 2288 would also increase the bike benefit to $35 a month. It would also make bike share memberships eligible for the bike benefit.

S.1116: The Commuter Benefits Equity Act, the companion bill in the Senate also removes the disparity from transit and parking benefits, and keeps the bike benefit the same. Another Senate bill, The EXPIRE ACT, adds in a commuter benefit for bike share users.

To help these bills get traction, please take five minutes and write to your representatives to let them know there’s a cyclist among their constituents. While that sounds like a hassle, believe it or not, Congress does have that new fangled electronic mail so making your voice heard is easier than ever.

In fact, the League of America Bicyclists makes it very easy to take action and you can always go lone wolf and contact your congressional representative people directly.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or effort to get involved in anything but getting involved is key.


9th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep Alleycat

We’re excited to be back as a sponsor of the Supermarket Street Sweep, an awesome alleycat that’s been happening up in San Francisco since 2006.

Last year, the event contributed over 10,000lbs of food and over $14,000 to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks.

This year’s edition is going down Saturday, December 6th at high noon so there’s still plenty of time to plan a road trip to SF to get your alleycat on. And with all the great sponsors they’ve lined up, the odds have to be pretty decent that you’ll snag some goodies.

Be sure to visit their site for all the details and updates.

Supermarket Street Sweep Alleycat




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