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contest winners!!!

a big thank you for everyone who entered our #swrve14winter Instagram photo contest!!!
it was great to see all the great photos though very difficult to pick winners, but here they are, in no particular order:


all the way from the Netherlands, @mauritslc skating with great form on a frozen lake

#swrve14winter mauritslc

@krystofandres riding in the Sierras, beautiful shot!

#swrve14winter krysofandres


@leland_instalam making the most of the   s t r e t c h   of our mid-weight trousers. work it!

#swrve14winter leland_instalam


nice job @johntlange! what a beautiful mountain top you conquered!

#swrve14winter johntlange

@ajs4 knows how to Photoshop a winning entry
#swrve14winter ajs4

thank you again everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to the winners!


Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Race – Decemeber 6th

Escape the cold (or get a change of scenery) by heading down to Jacksonville, Florida for Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Race & Party. It goes down Saturday, December 6th.

You can see all the details about the race right here. Even if you’re not, racing be sure to peep the check boxes on the registration form for a nice little chuckle.

And while you’re on their site, check out their range of top shelf products made right here in the US. They’re a good crew at Burro Bags and we’re happy to help sponsor their race.

Burro Bags 7th Anniversary Flyer


win $100 gift certificate!

winter photo contest image

winter is coming and we know you’re out there enjoying the great outdoors. we want to see our stuff out there, so we’re holding a contest for the best winter photos featuring our gear.

tag your best photos featuring swrve stuff doing while your favorite wintry outdoor activity and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate.
the best photo in up to 5 categories (bike, hike, snowshoe, ice fishing, climbing, etc.) will win a gift certificate. the 5 categories will be determined by the best photos submitted, but only one photo in each category will be a winner. that means that the more obscure the activity, the better chance you’ll have of winning (hint! hint!).

to enter, simply tag your Instagram photo #swrve14winter AND #swrve

we would love to show others what fun adventures our stuff gets to go on, so by entering your photo into the contest, you agree to let us use your photo on our website.

winners will be announced Monday December 22, 2014 right here on our blog and on our Instagram account: swrve_la, give us a follow!



Cranksgiving is Saturday!

Cranksgiving is back for its 14th running this Saturday!  Come on out and help spread some Thanksgiving cheer.

If you’ve never participated in a Cranksgiving, it’s easily one of the best events you can do in #BikeLA. All the food collected goes to the local charity Para Los Ninos. For some, Cranksgiving is a race with valuable bragging rights and street cred but for many others it’s an awesome chance to get out and explore the city with friends. We’re proud to be one of the many great sponsors who have contributed a lot of fun prizes.






















This year’s edition has an interesting twist. Thanks to Cranksgiving events growing to other cities, it has now reached such a critical mass (see what we did there?) that the Today Show (yes, that one) is covering the event in cities around the US. For LA, that means Maria Shriver is planning to buckle up her helmet to ride some of event as part of her report on the #BikeLA scene.

You can RSVP to ride with the Today TEAM team here. Registration is open through 11/20.

(Please note: It is our understanding that the Today TEAM is not necessarily going to be in it to win it, so if you’ve got your eyes on the big prize, you might want to keep your lone wolf status. However, if you’re just out for a day of fun, sign up and be a good ambassador for #BikeLA.)

You can get all the details for Cranksgiving on their Facebook event page.

In addition to bringing a bag, helmet, lock and $10-15 for your shopping list, we would like to suggest that you take along a smile and a positive attitude. Having done Cranksgiving a few times ourselves, racers swarming unsuspecting stores and frantic shoppers can be a bit overwhelming. It’s amazing how easily a nice smile and the magic word (please) can get you to the front of a line.

Have fun and stay safe!


Help support equality for all commuters

Did you know that under current regulations, people who drive to work get nearly double the parking benefit as those who commute via public transit or bicycle?

If you commute by bike or public transit, and there’s a good chance you probably do if you’re reading this, there are some bills that are currently being considered by congress that would establish equal benefits for all forms of transit.


The League of American Bicyclists provided a nice breakdown of what’s currently being considered.

HR 2288: The Commuter Parity Act would permanently fix these issues, by making both the transit pre-tax benefit and the parking pre-tax benefit $220 a month. HR 2288 would also increase the bike benefit to $35 a month. It would also make bike share memberships eligible for the bike benefit.

S.1116: The Commuter Benefits Equity Act, the companion bill in the Senate also removes the disparity from transit and parking benefits, and keeps the bike benefit the same. Another Senate bill, The EXPIRE ACT, adds in a commuter benefit for bike share users.

To help these bills get traction, please take five minutes and write to your representatives to let them know there’s a cyclist among their constituents. While that sounds like a hassle, believe it or not, Congress does have that new fangled electronic mail so making your voice heard is easier than ever.

In fact, the League of America Bicyclists makes it very easy to take action and you can always go lone wolf and contact your congressional representative people directly.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or effort to get involved in anything but getting involved is key.

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