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GIFT GUIDE! put your elf hat on!

the holidays are upon us and it’s time to pull out our little elf hats and go shopping for loved ones!
here is a list of some ideas:

for the go-getter that is always on the go
a sturdy tote bag to fit everything inside
from school, to work, to groceries, this tote bag will carry anything you throw at it



for the outdoorsperson who’s never dressed for the cold
a Belgian cap to keep them cozy warm all winter.
you can’t go wrong with fold-down ear flaps and a wide selection from which to choose!



for the cyclist you worry about
a tool roll to carry around the necessary essentials in case of minor mechanical failures
with enough room for tubes, a CO2 cartridge, a wrench, and more, plus a zippered pocket for ID and emergency cash. every cyclist should have one on their bike!

tool-roll multi_1883


for the most stylish outdoorsperson on your list
a heavy silk neckerchief to fend off the cold with style
stash it and whip it out when the temperature drops. with a stealthy black reflective stripe.



for the cyclist you want to inspire
BONESHAKER magazines and prints.
delight any cycling enthusiast with this beautifully crafted magazine and the prints by artists that have been featured.



for the craftsman in your life
a heavyweight American Cone denim selvedge apron
this shop apron will help keep you clean and organized when working on your bike, BBQ-ing your heart away, tinkering away in your cave, or whatnot.



for the outdoorsperson you want to cover head to toe
it’s difficult to purchase clothing for someone else, especially if you are unsure of what size and color they want.
let them pick! from as little as $10 up to $250, a gift certificate is always appreciated!



for the swrve enthusiast you just don’t know what to get
here is a collection of stuff under $50 that will delight anyone!


and don’t worry if you don’t get exactly what they want. we extend our return / exchange policy until January 31, 2016 for all holiday gift orders!






swrve Courdua Jeans Top Discerning Cyclist’s List

Discerning Cyclist, a cycling website out of the UK with a focus on cycling apparel, recently published a list of the top cycling jeans for men and women.

We’re big fans of their site and very comprehensive reviews so were delightfully gobsmacked to find that our Cordura Jeans were in at number one. They went up some pretty elite company and it sounds like they came away as the “people’s champion” among the Discerning Cyclist squad.

“One name that came up time and time again when asking about people’s favourite bike jeans was that of Swrve…  Basically, these jeans tick box after box.”

Head over to Discerning Cyclist to read the rest of the rest of the review.

swrve cordura jeans

swrve Cordura Jeans getting put to the test.  


Milwaukee jacket featured in October’s Outside Magazine!

check out October’s Outside magazine for a collection of great articles, and it just happens to include our Milwaukee jacket !!! (pg. 96)

it says:
BEST FOR: Stormy Bike Commuting
swrve Milwaukee ES $150
Despite its clean urban aesthetic, there’s more to this soft shell than meets the eye. it’s loaded with bike-friendly features like a drop tail, reflective hits, pit zips, four-way stretch, a huge zippered stash pocket, and double cuffs to keep drafts out of the sleeves. A light fleece lining and TPU middle layer tolerates wild autumn weather, making for a happier ride and an easier transition to the office.”


2015-09-21 10.07.47



Fresh Review: Durable Cotton Shorts

U.K. cyclist extraordinaire Tim Wiggins recently put the cigarette cut version of our Durable Cotton Shorts to the test. We’re thrilled to share the news that they emerged from the other side of the wringer with flying colors.

To quote Tim’s review, “It seems that Swrve have done it again with the Durable Cotton Cigarette Cut Shorts. They’ve produced a product that looks great both on and off the bike, but also a product that feels great to ride in, and has a significant amount of useful functionality. Built to last, and built to ride; these are sure to become a staple part of my wardrobe for a while to come.

As a cyclist who racks up a LOT of miles, Tim found the slimmer fit of the cigarette cut shorts to be complimentary to his quads rather than restricting.

Swrve-Durable-Cotton-Shorts - 4

“As well as being cut for riding, the Durable Cotton shorts also have a cut that is more suited to cyclists’ physiques than most. These are a slim fitting short, so they look great on skinny riders’ legs. They are also a great length, dropping to just above the knee; long enough to cover those dodgy tan lines, but not so long they catch on your knee caps whilst riding. Perfect.”

Be sure to take a look at Tim’s previous reviews for our Modal Tees, Durable Cotton Trousers, WWR Lightweight Skinny Trousers, and Cordua Jeans.

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